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In 1958, we began to give life to a dream – that of filling the world with the scent of blooming flowers. Conceived by our visionary founder the late Mr. TMV Shenoi, the dream took shape petal by petal in the following years. At TMV we don't just manufacture but we design fragrances, each of which tells a tale, enchanting and enigmatic.
Spreading Trust through Lingering Aroma for last 60 years

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TMV Aromatics (P) Ltd.


From its humble beginnings over half a century ago, TMV Aromatics Pvt Ltd has now grown to become one of the topmost player in India's natural essential oils and aromatic chemical industry – a position that is the fruit of decades of toil and love we put into our creations. Plant is equipped with columns of varying heights with sulzer packing, thus ensuring finest purity of oil or ingredients. Distillation systems are designed such a way to take care of any low boiling as well as high boiling oils or ingredients. High vacuum systems ensure the distillation without any burnt odour and retaining the finest odour profile.

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Well ventilated plant with all safety precautions ensures perfect working environment. Plant is equipped with latest process control equipments ensuring effective control of the process and delivering the products with consistent quality.

Safe and Sure
True to our committment to ensuring safe and responsible practices, our plant is well-ventilated and simulates a perfect working environment. Latest process control equipments ensure effective monitoring and control, all of which ultimately helps us to deliver first-rate products with consistent quality.

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Deriving strength from our highly competent R&D team, we have given life to improved processes and products while taking care to ensure that we remain eco-friendly at every step.


Cutting-edge analytical instruments such as GLC & GCMS at our quality control labs enable us to subject each batch of the finished product to elaborate analytical tests for fragrance and taste – to make sure that the products that emerge are immaculate in every aspect.


In line with our green commitment, fossil fuels are used minimally in our boilers, preferring renewable energy sources in its place.

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TMV Natural oils & extracts Pvt Ltd deals with the manufacture, trade and export of spice oils, oleoresins, herbal extracts and natural food colours. Ever wondered how our essential oils are able to retain their full natural fragrance? The secret lies in our steam distillation and solvent extraction equipment. Our natural oils plant makes use of these and more to bring you the best out of every ingredient. High pressure steam ensures complete distillation of all volatile components, while controlled solvent extraction avoids the presence of residual solvents in the final product. In addition, an efficient cooling system ensures minimum loss of solvent and volatile components back into the atmosphere. And of course, all processes strictly adhere to GMP.

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The reason for many continents being discovered was the quest to find the best routes to spice producing countries .Vasco da Gama ,Colmbus & Magellan ,were heroes driven by this quest. Kerala known as “Gods own country “ is also the hub for superior quality exotic spices in the sub contintent.

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TMV uses a full range of process technologies, such as fractional distillation, organic synthesis, liquid extraction, liquid/solid extraction, pyrolysis and solids separation using frontline industry equipment. This has also helped us check pesticides, aflatoxins and heavy metals. Our plant is equipped with excellent raw material godown of storage capacity up to 1,000 mt. A dedicated warehouse for raw materials and finished products ensures optimum quality control before and after production. Only UN-approved drums are used for packaging and storing finished products. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all the process ensures consistency in the quality of both raw material and finished goods. Good Manufacturing Process ensures traceability from raw materials to finished products.

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The well-qualified scientists at our centralized high-end lab are constantly engaged in developing new products. In doing this, they rely on processes that retain the essential goodness and vital elements of plants and trees, subtracting nothing from nature's precious concoctions.

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TMV Shenoi Perfumers

Over sixty years of expertise in the industry has armed TMV Shenoi Perfumers with a wealth of know-how that is unparalleled in the industry. This, coupled with technology and the creativity of inspired minds has given rise to a rich library of mind-blowing fragrances. Modern equipment like GCMS help us deliver fragrances that range from oriental to twisted oriental, French to spicy – you name it! Our in-house product application lab demonstrates the performance of each fragrance in the finished product. This includes application in bath soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and shampoos. New flavours are released to the customers only after analyzing their performance in end products.

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Fragrance creation at TMV is led by its managing director Rajesh Shenoi who is ably supported by an inspired team of perfumers. Today, TMV fragrances linger on several national and regional brands.

Our technological resources ensure timely and competitive development of fragrances that also deliver the best performance in products ranging from body care, hair care, air care and detergents. Stringent quality measures of raw materials and finished products ensures consistency in quality of the final products. In house oil extraction and aroma ingredients manufacturing units add uniqueness in its ingredients and ensure finest quality of fragrances.

Testing of perfumes in incense sticks

Perfume Creation lab

Testing of Perfume in soap

Materials ready for dispatch

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TMV Natural Oils & Extracts (P) Ltd

TMV Aromatics (P) Ltd

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  • Geraniol Ex Palmarosa
  • Geraniol Ex Citronella
  • Citronellal Ex Citrodora
  • Citronellol Ex Citrodora
  • Citral Ex Lemongrass Oil
  • Vetiverol Pure
  • Vetiveryl Acetate
  • Rhodinol Ex Geranium
  • Caryophellene Acetate
  • Caryophellene Alcohol
  • Methyl Terpenyl Ether Ex D'limonene
  • Black Pepper Oil
  • Ajowan Oil
  • Cardamom Oil
  • Nutmeg Oil
  • Mace Oil
  • Clove Bud Oil
  • Celery Seed Oil
  • Ginger Oil
  • Curcuma Aromatica Oil
  • Turmeric Oil
  • Black Pepper OR
  • Ajowan OR
  • Cardamom OR
  • Nutmeg OR
  • Mace OR
  • Clove Bud OR
  • Celery Seed OR
  • Ginger OR
  • Curcuma Aromatica OR
  • Turmeric OR
  • Resinoid Benzoin
  • Resinoid Olibanum
  • Resinoid Guggul
  • Boswellia Granular
  • Boswellia Powder
  • Curcumin 95%
  • Curcumin Granular
  • Curcumin Water Soluble
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Palmarosa Oil
  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil
  • Citronella Oil
  • Eucalyptus Citrodora Oil
  • Vetivert Oil
  • Eucalyptus Globulous Oil
  • Ocimum Canum Oil
  • Ocimum Sanctum Oil
  • Gingergrass Oil
  • Davana Oil
  • Fragrances for Soaps, Detergents, Incense Sticks, Deodorants & Cosmetics

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Corporate Office:
‘T.M.V Gardens’, Mahakavi Bharathiyar Road
Kochi - 682 035, Kerala, India
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Innovation, Research & Development
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‘T.M.V Gardens’, Mahakavi Bharathiyar Road
Kochi - 682 035, Kerala, India
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4036369. Fax: +91-484-2373121

Marketing Offices: India
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